jeudi, novembre 2

that big corner office in the sky....

I know I’ve talked about this before, but I’m really strongly impacted by music – a lyric or a chord can resound in me like few things can. Not sure why, as I’m completely musically inept, but there it is.

Today I was flipping through my itunes and realized it has been a while since I’ve listened to Matt Good. I have the In a Coma album saved on my work computer, cause it gives me a nice selection from his catalogue, so started listening to ‘oh be joyful’, and realized how much I actually love this song. There’s something about the plinky-plinky guitar bit in the middle that makes my belly tighten. Weird, huh? There’s no real explanation for it – I have no emotional connection to the man or the song – but it makes me feel… funny, for lack of a better word.

I got mildly scolded by my pharmacist the other night because I was 26 days overdue renewing the prescription for my meds. I knew I’d been fairly … er … laissez faire about taking them, but didn’t realize I had been *that* bad. Not good, sundae, not good.

Went looking at apartments last night and have found one that looks pretty promising – not too bad on the money, laminate flooring, and I can bring Agent Double-Oh-Kitty with me. Plus it’s in a neighbourhood close to a few of the kiddo’s friends, which makes him happy. The whole moving thing stresses me out, though – like a lot. Packing, cleaning, moving, setting up… I just want to make sure that everything is settled in time for Christmas…

Which, by the way, is a short 53 days away.