vendredi, janvier 4

begging you to beg me

clearly when i'm home by myself for a great deal of time i think about sex far more than is healthy.

that, or i shouldn't go to bed horny (damn lazy red wine sleepytime) 'cause i had some seriously dirty dreams last night.

they may have involved anthony bourdain.

they may not have.

i'll never tell.

anyhoo i think i'm done futzing with the graphic up top but i can't figure out how to fix the raspberry vs b thing in the nav bar, or how to get my sitemeter back up. any words of advice would be extremely appreciated.

(the return of semi-frank conversations about sex to this blog are, in part, a response to the self-ass-kick i recently gave myself regarding my internal censorship. i hope that no one who has come to the sundae sanatorium recently is shocked or offended... this is the way that i think a lot of the time. i'm not sure if i'll go back to the photography (i'd have to discuss it with the architect) but we'll see. for now this is a step, as they say, towards the gutter, from whence i can gaze upon the stars...)