jeudi, janvier 3

it's like you never had wings aah ahh

the cat is doing random circuits through the apartment which involve traipsing across my chest as i lie on the bed. i'm not sure what he's doing or what he's trying to tell me but it'd clearly important enough to step on at least one of my nipples every five minutes or so. i have a cute picture of him sitting at the screen door but blogger won't let me upload anything at the mo... damn blogger. (look at me biting the hand that feeds).

anyhoo... i'm feeling a bit stressed out about money and such right now. we really couldn't afford to go to vancouver for christmas but we did and now we are broke and still (with a few exceptions, including a $20 table we discovered in the macy's furniture clearance centre) sans furniture. it sucks that i can't work legally, and i'm totally insecure about asking someone to hire me on under the table. i don't know why - i have more balls than this - i'm just freaked out. i think part of it is that i know if i was caught i could be deported and never allowed back and all of the shit we've gone through in the past couple of months would have been for nothing - either i'd be back in canada alone, or we'd both be back starting at zero again.

le sign.

anyhoo - enough of that crap. i've got a book to read, along with some blogs, and a cat to snuggle with.