jeudi, janvier 3

details, details

i can't figure out how to make my favicon (that little b symbol up in the navigation bar) change with xml. gawrammit it, i'm irritated about that.

ok so the architect is snoozing away beside me, carried off to dreamland on a chariot made of his share (which is slightly less than mine 'cause i'm a lush and don't have to work in the am) of 2.5 bottles of wine (it's cheaper than juice, here! why isn't everyone in AA?) and i'm hornier'n'hell.

do guys care if their girlfriends take care of business while they sleep? 'cause a girl has needs, dammit, and she watched her first ever episode of anthony bourdain's no reservations tonight (new season starts monday! he's going to vancouver!) and i'm kinda hot.

ok i admit it- i have a geeky cook-girl crush on anthony bourdain, bad shirts, cigarettes and all. rawr. it's not so much his show (let's not kid - he's not the most attractive of men, and his voice isn't overly masculine or anything.) as it is the attitude that's conveyed when he writes. the irreverence is what does it for me, i think - i'm such a sucker for the bad boy. enough to give a girl the vapours i swear.

anyhoo - i too have had my share of wine (yeah like you couldn't tell) and so i'm going to stop poking around at my code before i really break something and go to bed.

wish me luck lovin' the one i'm with...