vendredi, mai 7

book clubs

so we now have three hot smartchix in a book club. we need a cabana boy and a martini sponsor. any takers? mike b? mutt? mr. newly single? you know you want to...

i have had a weirdly exhausting week... i developed a headache very early on today, and i simply could not shake it. i threw drugs at it, i threw food at it, i tried shoe shopping, i drank water and mint tea till i thought i would float home.. believe it or not it's 9.30 at nite and i *still* have the headache. and, to make matters worse, it appears to be progressing down my arm. but that could just be due to the mammoth amounts of typing i have been doing. not here, obviously, but at work.

speaking of shoes.. i think that, assuming that when payday comes they are still available, i have found my kicky summer shoes.. quite to die for. i shan't discuss them here in case people run out and buy them all. needless to say, if my plan comes together, i can think of a certain ms. mox who shall be quite jealous.

man i have got to stop staying home on the weekends, or my blog entries will never get any spicier. i guess if i stopped blowing off dates with people i meet, i might get out of my house now and again. why am i so apathetic? i was speaking with bun earlier, and he was telling me about the hot chick he's been seeing. well, i'm not sure seeing is the correct word to describe what he's been doing with (to) her. anyhoo... i mourned the fact that all i really want is a decent booty call - i don't want to worry about going for dinner, being nice, making small talk. i just want to have fun and get laid. is that too much to ask? he figures that, eventually, one of the parties involved develops feelings. i figure that might be ok as a gradual thing... but right now i'm too selfish, i think.

or maybe it's just that i haven't found anyone who can compete with my kid, my job, and my friends recently. does this mean i'm going to grow old alone? probably not, but honestly i don't really care. well, that's a bit of a lie. but in reality, there are so many great people in the world that i feel like i could spend five minutes in the company of 1 1/100th of them and live a blessed life, you know?