dimanche, mai 30

mmm sundaes are for baking

i'm in a baking kind of mood, fo sho y'all. today i believe i shall create double chocolate cherry expresso muffins. i may also begin the cake baking spectacular - we are having our departmental potluck on wednesday, and the theme is "kid's birthday party" (don't go there, it wasn't my idea). i have volunteered to bring the cake. i am actually going to make two cakes: one vegan and one not. there is a girl in the department who is highly lactose intolerant, so i am going to make my little no eggs, no dairy chocolate cake, and experiment with a some dairy free cream cheese for the icing. i think, though, for the actual *birthday* cake, i'm going to do a multi layered chocolate and fruit sort of experience. i wish i had a webcam... i could do a little amateur gourmet sort of experience. acutally, now that i think about it, i may attempt some peanut butter cookies, as well. mmmm baking. why aren't i as big as a house? i have no idea, but two other people have asked that same question of me in the last month...

speaking of food, the next time you hear me say that having pizza for dinner would be a great idea, slap me, ok? you have my permission. for the second weekend in a row, i have attempted to have pizza (i really really really like pizza). for the second weekend in a row, i have puked my guts out almost immediately afterwards. so... since i know myself and i know that it will sound like a good idea (probably next weekend, even) just stop me before i place the order. please? for me? thanks.

mike b and i watched 'love, actually' last night. i really enjoyed it - laughed out loud on a couple of occasions. mike b was more restrained in his enjoyment, but i believe he liked it as well. um... i was going to say some stuff here about love etc, but really, i just want to go buy dried cherries so i can make muffins.