mardi, mai 11

for research purposes only

people have recently stumbled across the sundae sanitarium by searching for:

  • calgary flames fans on 17 ave nudity (voyeurs!)
  • random blog (lazy!)
  • "how do I know" that a coworker wants me to hit on them (cause they have sat in your lap and nibbled on your ear, all the while leaning over the budget reports in a seriously low cut blouse)
  • calories Neo-citran (231)
  • 'bob dylan's song hurricane and the stereotypes the song discusses (obviously a term paper subject. here's a friendly hint to current students from a former teacher - if you can google it, so can the cute girl at the front of the class. chances are, if she's *at* the front of the class, her brain is at least moderately adequate)
  • sundae (what kind? how large? where would you like to consume it and with whom? enquiring minds want to know)
  • in a place like this i'll get away with it (you are right - in a place like this you will)

welcome, fine googlers... i hope that the sundae experience is all you had hoped it would be.