lundi, mai 17


so my heart hurts a little, today... mike b left for whistler last nite and i miss him already. i know i know.. he'll be back on the weekends.. i know i know.. i rarely see him during the week anyway.. but that's not the *point* (she says whinging and stamping her foot, just a little). it's funny, the friendship that mike b and i have developed. we haven't known each other for that long, and we have some seriously fundamental differences in the way we view the world, but we have become pretty close in these past six or so months.

my finger also hurts - sure sign that i have not been cooking enough: i was cutting up papaya to take with my lunch and nearly sliced the tip of my left middle finger off. this would not be so bad if, not even a week ago, i hadn't done nearly the exact same thing to my left next-to-middle finger. that's seriously the first (and second) times i've cut myself with a cooking knife in YEARS. i am seriously out of practice.

speaking of cooking look here for some tempting and economical ways of feeding yourself and your loved ones. i am particularly entranced by the 'fluorescent foods' category. made myself a spam and cheese filled sandwich for lunch tomorrow...

moxeedelic came for a visit this weekend... we shared some fast paced girl moments as we ran through a mall in search of a pink camoflage bikini.. she laughed her ass off at me chatting up a taxi dispatcher, we had some drinks and did a little dancing. we also ended up in a fairly deep conversation that wasn't really as lighthearted as the evening sort of required... mike's friend jody had some pretty strong ideas about moxee's lifestyle choices and sort of let fly at both mox and me ('cause of some of the emotional issues i have been dealing with myself of late). neither the time nor the place, and i think everyone was a little uncomfortable with the turn of conversation. we went on to go dancing and the evening was definately fun, but there were some deep thoughts happening for most parties, i think. moxee and i talked about it for a bit the next morning - we continued our blonde giggly girl fest over a walk, a latte and brunch.. i think the thing that we were both concerned with and hurt by is that we were so harshly judged by someone who doesn't know us that well. the world isn't black and white and, while it is really easy to put things into categories of 'right' and 'wrong' or 'me' versus 'you', emotions almost always get in the way of such didactic categorizations.

ah well... i've thought about this way too much over the last couple of days.. chances are i'll think about it some more - this is where most of my thoughts have been for the past few weeks.