vendredi, mai 14

the other day

i was supposed to post my horoscope, but i forgot. however, i do think it's one of those good little life lessons that should be referred to on occasion, so i'm going to post wednesdae's 'scope today. ok?

"Have you been listening to pop songs for your descriptive oxymorons and rhyming words? All you can think about is elation and frustration, terrific and horrific, attraction and distraction. Opposites feel alarmingly interchangeable. Your plans require you to go north when actual events insist on heading south. Laughing at your misfortunes is okay for now, but if you keep that up for too long, you'll enter the same loop that traps you when you call yourself unlucky. Be open to the possibilities instead of instantly assuming that you know what it all means. Life is full of surprises."

actually, i get most of my life lessons and philosophies from lyrics... they're just thoughts an pieces of poetry set to song, right?

why haven't you been posting much, ms sundae? well cause there is stuff going on in my life that i'm reluctant to post. the horrible thing with the nasty anonymous commenter is that now i'm a little hesitant to write about some of the things that have been going on in my head. and i realize that with a public blog i have to sort of expect that people are reading and may have thoughts and opinions of their own... but i think that often people happen upon blogs and leave nasty comments purely with the intent of hurting people. to me they are the kids in the schoolyard who were always to cowardly to say what they think, do what they will and look how they want to look. they just hung at the back of the pack, acting the way they were expected to act, and basically did what they were told by the more dominant kids in the schoolyard. now they wander around the internet leaving drops of poison wherever they rest for a moment... trying to bring everyone down to their own insecure unhappy state...

hm i guess that was a bit of a rant, huh? i'm not sure where it came from... well, i think i do know, but that's something that i'm still rolling around my brain right now... i'll try and address it later on.