vendredi, septembre 29

the ability to reason that wears so thin

so last night the kiddo went to see rancid. i did not, but seethed quietly in jealous pudding. i did, however, go grocery shopping with my mum. you can see as how those two things are comparable, right?


anyhoo, as we were pottering about the market like two old ladies at the church bake sale, i received a call from my offspring:
static-static-noise "pink with a big skull and crossbones!"
'what?' i asked.
static-noise-"really cool!" noise-noise "skull!" static-static
'oh, cool!' i responded enthusiastically, assuming that he was telling me that he was going to borrow money off a buddy to get a shirt and asking if i'd slide him the cash for it later.
static-static "you want it?"
'uh, sure!' i say, getting confused now.
"ok it's yours!" and he hangs up.
so the end result of this fractured conversation is that he got paid yesterday (this child with actual money of his own to spend thing is a great gig - i highly recommend it). he saw a pink zippy rancid hoody with a huge skull and crossbones on the back. and bought it for me. how sweet is my boy?