lundi, septembre 11

turn that shit up

i wonder if chad ever found the jalapeno i dropped down the back of his pants? anyone? anyone? bueller?

(that's me showing my age. it's a sad sad state of affairs when half of the people i encounter on a daily basis don't get that joke. le sigh.)

so the architect installed new brake pads for me yesterday. i can now officially stop anytime i want to. this is a good thing 'cause there were a few moments late last week when i was fairly sure i was just gonna keep on keepin' on, if you know what i'm saying. this newfound stopping power came in particularly handy this morning, as cfox has set up on the north end of the tunnel, so everyone is coming to a complete stop to gawk at the spectacle. what - you've never seen a guy with bedhead throwing subway breakfast sandwiches at passing motorists before? sheesh - get out of the suburbs, folks, and get a life. yawhn... simply passe, dahling.

so i now have 'everlong' as my ringtone. i'm fairly excited about this, since i've figured a way to get (cheep ass midi - damn bberry hi-tech lo-tech) ringtones with little fuss and less muss. this is a big deal 'cause my work pays for my crackbaby service and therefore i always have a certain amount of guilt using it for fun things like finding the address for the foggy dew so that i can go drink and other respectable activities as such.

PS - i made the architect vegan cinammon pancakes for breakfast yesterday. i rock.