dimanche, septembre 24

i remember when, i remember when i lost my mind

you know, i'm still not sure if i like that song or not. yes, i realize it's been a year. i'm just... undecided.

sat down on the architect's couch this afternoon - we'd gone for brunch and a shopping wander - and woke up 2.5 hours later. guess i needed a nap. i hate doing that though - it was a beautiful day and i feel as though i completely wasted it. bothers me to no end.

so friday night we went to see james murphy and the juan mclean at celebrities downtown. the evening started off well enough - naked rolling around, then drinks at a friends, then headed off to the club. the first dj (no idea who it was. anyone else there?) was pretty good, and the juan mclean was great. james murphy started off promisingly enough but, as the evening progressed, he either got drunk, lazy, or apathetic, (or, of course, all of the above) because i haven't heard so many trainwrecks since dj mm was first starting out and was throwing parties in his living room. as clarina pointed out, it seemed as though it was only a matter of time before he threw down some cc peniston, or maybe some c&c music factory. and we're not talking about in a kitchsy cool 90's dance music revival way. we're talking in a bad small town dance club / stereotypical gay bar / night at the roxbury kind of way. definately a whimper, and absolutely not a bang.

afterwards the architect, clarina, d-rod and i all headed down to spanish banks with some blankets and lay out on the beach, looked at the stars and listened to music. there's not too many places in the world where your gaze can drift from the cityscape, to the freighters in the harbour, to the mountains resting in the moonlight all with one sweep of the head. it's moments like that when i remember how lucky i am to be here.

so we hung out until 5.30 or so, headed home and napped for a couple of hours, then i hooked up (not like that you freaks) with my sister for some sushi and some shopping. we seem to have mended our fences, which is a really good thing. she is the family member i am closest to - i hate not getting along with her.

anyhoo... i'm going to put on my jammies and watch some tv. i'm still kinda sleepy. being up for 24 hours then getting only 3.5 hours sleep will do that to you at my age, i guess....