vendredi, septembre 22

let's waste time chasing cars

so here it is, friday again. for those of you trapped in the 'lesser' parts of canada, keep in mind that it is going to be sunny and around 20deg. celsius all weekend.

heh - suckers.

mind you this positivity is mitigated by the fact that it will probably start raining sometime mid next week and not stop till.. oh.. say... may of next year.

so tonight we are going to see james murphy of lcd soundsystem / dfa records and i am *so* excited. i need to go dancing. like i NEED to go dancing - i am feeling sluggish. now fall for me is a time of setting into dinner parties and restaurants with friends and warm nights at home wrapped up in a quilt, drinking tea or wine, watching movies. but i still have to get out and shake my skinny white ass once in a while. i dunno - i guess it's just something i need to do once in a while to feel young. funny, huh?

my folks are going to the uk / spain for about a month - my mom for a little less time than my dad - so i'm taking care of the house. i'm pretty excited about it - there are def. worse places to look after. my biggest concern will be the kiddo getting himself up out of bed in time for school every morning, 'cause i sure as heck can't stick around do kick him out the door. well, i guess i could switch my hours up for the time period, but i kind of like this whole getting to work before everyone else, having some time to myself in the morning thing. i like sitting here when the lights are still off, drinking a coffee, reading the news and my horoscope and the funnies. i don't feel like i've started my day correctly when i get in late. i'm not a 'by the book' person, but i do take some comfort in my morning routines.