jeudi, février 8

i'm a punkrocker yes i am

i totally have that iggy pop / teddybears song in my head. completely contagious. other music related ponderings - wtf is wendy's doing making blister in the sun the musical accompaniment to their baked potato commercial? yes i get it - baked in the sun, but come on now if people are freaking out 'cause prince went behind a screen at the superbowl and his guitar looked like a devil penis, how is it ok to use a song who's lyrics include 'and i'm so strung out... i'm high as a kite i just might stop to check you out' to sell potatoes with brocolli-cheese topping? (i'm a punkrocker yes i am...)

we are supposed to go to the juan maclean tomorrow night but i'm so veryvery tired today that the thought of it (even though it's a full 36hrs away) makes me cringe and want to put on my fuzzy jammies and read my book. le sigh.

ok off to work i go - they've locked the airconditioners so that a constant gale force of cold air blasts down on me all day. my poor little space heater is getting a workout, let me tell you...