lundi, février 12

nine to five living lies

i've had a stupid flu all weekend - i say stupid 'cause i feel like crap then i start feeling better so i rush rush rush out of the house to eck-scape the cabin fever and then feel like crap again. so today i'm home in bed and the architect has brought his computer upstairs and is drafting away, propped up against the blankets beside me. all in all not a bad situation.

i did get out of bed earlier to put stuff in the slowcooker, though, so i didn't have to worry about cooking dinner later. the sister is coming over, i think. her bf of 4 years split up with her on friday evening. nasty stuff - they own a condo together and he isn't really *from* here, so they have to get all of their affairs in order before he takes off to go back to scotland or back to sea or whatever. part of me feels bad for him 'cause he's quite broken up about it, but part of me deeply suspects that there has been some infidelity and a larger part of me wants to flambe his testes for making the sister unhappy. i'll attempt to supress that impulse. mind you, he did break up with her the week before valentine's and her birthday. hm. perhaps i'll keep the welding torch at the ready.