mardi, février 6

i'm a walking disaster

update 1 - still allergic to beer (i assume, anyway. that's not an experience i'm willing to repeat anytime soon. i may attempt to have ONE on the weekend, just to see (and a different brand, for sure) but surely not four)
update 2 - architect is fine, and apologized for being moody. he's promised to try and talk about stuff before it becomes a giant THING. for my part, i'll... well i'll pretty much keep going on as i do but will keep a closer eye on the kiddo's housekeeping habits. thank you for all your words of support and advice. i'm not so good with this whole relationship thing. my last one (tnb aside - too casual for inclusion in this pondering) was a fucked up emotionally abusive trainwreck headed straight off the tracks into a burning pit of despair and demolition, and that ended over four years ago. it'll take me a while to feel my way around, i guess.

aside from this, i also make some kickass black bean chipotle turkey chile, for a white girl of irish descent. yum.