vendredi, février 16

you gonna want me

crap what happened to yesterday's post?

oh wait, that's right, i didn't write it. heh. whoops slipsy. i got fun treats for valentines - fleurs, jewelry (wooden, not sparkly), kisses... i haven't had a *real* valentine in god knows how long. it was a neat little novelty, i must say.

the sister found out last night that her ex did, indeed, screw around while he was away this last time. she's raging furious and, i must say, i don't blame her - being stuck here waiting for someone while they are off having a great time and sleeping with other people is kind of like being kicked in the teeth.

i wish i could say that i am surprised, but honestly i'm not. at first when this all began, i really hoped it wasn't the case, but there have been a couple of things that have happened in the last week that have made me convinced. it's unfortunate, though, 'cause i did really like the guy. no i'm forced to roofie him, bind him with duct tape, drag him into the swamp and leave him for the gators. i'm going to need a dolly, though, 'cause otherwise i won't be able to move him at all. maybe if there were a few of us it'd be fine - volunteers?