mardi, juin 26

dude looks like a serial killer. that or lead keyboards in an abba tribute band

i've been chatting with spo this morning. it just so happens that today is his 30th birthday. happy happy day, spo.

the architect, the sister and a few friends headed out on sunday for a grand day of greek festival in the thunder and rain, followed by the white strips up at deer lake park.

now, i freely admit that i was smashed a bit tipsy, but i had an incredible time. not only did i have line magic (that amazing ability to wander to the very front of the line and enter it seamlessly) but i also managed to weave my way to the front of the stage and spend the entire show with a clear view of the band.

plus i'd remembered to wear my kickass new pink rubber boots so my feet stayed dry and mud-free. they will be a fine addition to my festival wear this summer, let me tell you.

not to mention i look cute as a button when i'm wearing them.