dimanche, juin 17

pushing forward back

you know, from back in the day when chris cornell was kind of cool. audioslave wasn't cool they were catchy there's a difference and while the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive there's a sincere relationship between something's catchiness and its coolness or lack thereof rather.

note from a guy i went out with a few times before the architect was in my email this morning. this was funny 'cause i'd had a dream where he played a role just last night. (something to do with his three dogs and children from a previous marriage and my reluctance to be part of the samsonite sideshow) let us never say that the world is not interconnected my friends. he was commenting that he'd not heard from me in a while and figured it was because of the capitalr-elationship and respected that.

since it was on my mind i responded saying that part of it was the distractions of day to day life in my world (the principal feature of the landscape being the guy who spends his nights sound asleep beside me) but part of it was, of course, my natural absentmindedness. i asked him if his inquiry was friendly or if he had ulterior motives. the chef, you see, made a sudden reappearance via facebook and, when i told him i was not interested in pursuing extracurricular activities, disappeared as just as abruptly. his reply was very nicely worded and so, i thought, bore repetition:
Always the question...one asks....I probably would as well..

I think it poses a barrier in a way
I would like to keep the memory where it is,,, as i like it...
If this makes sense

I am happy you have found someone ...I mean this
I think if i seen you in person i would want to kiss you or something................so maybe lets leave it where it is.

We can say hi by email though....

I wouldnt want you to step out on anything that makes you happy.......I know I wouldnt
funny how there are actual gentlemen out there on the planet and even in the midst of my rollercoaster of sexual self destruction i managed to find one or two hiding in the shadows...