vendredi, juin 8

It’s 2007, people. If you don’t know what to do when your neighbors start shambling around and getting all bitey, you probably deserve to die

so i emailed him back and basically pointed out that i wasn't the one he needed to convince, but he'd very def. made a mistake that most likely couldn't be rectified. i let him know that we are all aware that he held off joining another ship so that he could be on the same contract as the girl he cheated on my sister with once they'd broken up, and i told him that i suspected he was having this sudden flash of remorse because something had happened in that 'relationship'. i also told him that the sister is happier than i've ever seen her - looks great, is going out, and (most importantly) isn't wasting any more time sitting around waiting for someone who only has his eye on the horizon, casting about in search of the next big adventure. i told him only the truth and i think i said it respectfully and clearly and didn't tell him that i'd like to put his dick in a meat grinder, though i fer sher was thinking it.

so that part is done - now i just need to tell the sister that he's emailed me and that i've responded. perhaps i'll wait until she's a drink or two to the wind this weekend.

i went to the driving range yesterday at lunchtime with a group from the office - for $13 you got a box lunch, a 7iron, and a bucket of balls, plus some time with the head golf pro. now, i'm no golfer, but i sure enjoy whacking things with a stick. today. though, my right hand is a bit... shall we say crippled - the tendon in my wrist is very tight and the whole typing thing is a bit of a challenge. should be interesting....

oh ps - i finally got new glasses yay!