jeudi, juin 28

shut the g-darned f*** up

dear cfox muckimuck;

please god never again replace the jeff o'neil morning show with todd & karen. they are not funny. todd is a sycophantic cockrocker with, quite frankly, bad taste in music. karen is nothing more than a simpering pedant whose only redeeming quality is that she gives good voice.

the guy who called in this morning and said they were idiots was right. you'll notice that no one called in to agree with him? it's because everyone with half a brain has recorded themselves performing a mock radio show and put it on autorepeat. trust me - it's more interesting. i, unfortunately, can't pick up anything else on my shower radio, so i'm stuck with them.

please, i beg you, put cory price on. put lana on. put scott allen on. tell jeff & charis & scotty that they are no longer allowed to take vacation. hell put neil morrison on - i'd rather listen to nirvana than nickleback. I DON'T CARE JUST FOR GOD SAKES DON'T MAKE ME LISTEN TO TODD AND KAREN EVER AGAIN.

raspberry sundae.