lundi, juin 4

if i were in family guy i'd be brian

intelligent, sophisticated, slightly alcoholic.

man what a weekend. i feel as though summer has officially kicked off - dinner and drinks on a sunny friday night patio (our local - a restaurant with a pub "feel" so that the kiddo can come too), brunch saturday at provence followed by some sunny wandering in kits, clubbing with the sister, the architect, the divine ms u, our new downstairs neighbour and six more of our friends saturday night, then a morning of recovery, coffee and fresh strawberries on the sundeck, followed by the ladner annual salmon bbq in the park for dinner. there was a laid back, relaxed feel of who cares if we get the chores done (even though we did actually get through most of them) that really should accompany every weekend.

random facts -
  • i painted my toenails bright iridescent pink
  • i'm going to make pasta for dinner tonight, and drink red wine
  • i'm wearing undies with skulls all over them
  • my boss bought me a hat
  • i really want to go shoe shopping
  • scratch that - i really want to go shopping
  • i wish i were still in bed
  • secretly i think that i make better bbq'd salmon than i had last night
  • that makes me worry that i'm kinda vain
  • i'd gladly spend all of my money on groceries, now that i have an appreciative dining audience
  • er... that's it for now