lundi, juin 18

you don't know what love is you only know how to do what you are told

oh i have some serious bad belly this morning. i know it's not normal to throw up (on average) one meal a day, but it's not like i'm forcing myself to do it. it's like i get this feeling in my stomach and the back of my throat and then i start thinking about it and whoops i did it again. it has to be the allergies, but it's so random - like i seem to have a lot of trouble eating tomatoes, even though i'm not allergic to tomatoes (god forbid!)

plus i'm not puky enough to have the positive side effect, which is being lovely and rail thin, so i get to yak like a bulimic but not fit into size zero jeans which seems like a cruel sick joke on behalf of the gods or something, doesn't it?

le sigh.