vendredi, juin 22

a yay yay whoa-oh

never let it be said that god is not a reasonable man. i asked for sun, and i got sun. it may have been pouring rain at the same time, but it was sunny...

sorry god, but let it never be said that i am unwilling to call you on the stupid games you play with our lives.

anyhoo - onward. one of the other less than palatable aspects to living in vancouver is the proliferation of nickleback sound-alikes. because chad the apostle (what is WITH the god thing i have going on today) and his er... followers? merry men? bandmates? whichevs... because they are based out of vancouver and have named their record label 604 (the superior area code here in the lower mainland), vancity has adopted them as their own (i think that they are originally from calgary*, which says alot about their particular brand of cowboy rock). sooooo...... any band that is nickleback, is produced by nickleback, or sounds like nickleback is treated with a reverence usually reserved for luminaries such as the pope, the queen mum**, and david suzuki.

the music that these bands produce*** is infectious enough**** (therein lies their popularity) but normally i'm fairly immune to it. oh sure you may catch yourself tapping your fingers on the steering wheel as you sit in traffic, but if any of your friends noticed you doing it you would absolutely try and pass it off as a tic, or impatience, or some kind of seizure*****.

this morning, however, i found myself singing along with one of these nickleclones - specifically the refrain haphazardly reproduced as the title up there. fortunately i was in the car by myself and (as we all know) when you are in your car you are invisible to surrounding cars. i couldn't help myself - the tune was catchy, and infectious******, and if i closed my eyes i could picture myself on the top of ol' smokey yorbling away joyously.

well at least until i almost hit a telephone pole. then i opened my eyes and changed the station.

*i've just realized that i've been hacking on calgary a lot this week. i'm not sure why and no offense, sass.

**is the queen mum still alive? i really have no idea.

***the verb, not the noun. we have nothing against fruits and vegetables here in the sundae sanatorium.

****like herpes, or some sort of angry red rash.

*****i find that the addition of a head shake or two, and some explosive tourettes-like profanity goes a long way towards reinforcing this ruse..

******damn rash