lundi, juillet 26


1. Thinking about your name I have to wonder...have you ever worn raspberries? Under what circumstances would you?
yes, in that i'm a bit of a spillypants. i tend to wear anything i eat at least once.

2. Is chocolate a necessity?
of course. next question?

3. You wrote: "this very blog entry has been driven by anonymous commenting...". How much of your writing is influenced by comments and questions? / 4. Do you consider your journal to be a weblog or diary? Are links necessary or just aids to expressing ideas?
hmm interesting questions. i think i shall answer both at once. the previous post sort of expresses some of my ideas regarding the interaction between text and context. i think that i can't help but be influenced by comments - just as i can't help but be influenced by the images and ideas which stream past me in the "real" world every day. i fully believe that, in such an interactive medium, the writer and the reader exist symbiotically. i censor myself (to a certain extent) because i know or am afraid that people read it. but, at the same time, when i have stuff that i want to hear other opinions on, i post away. sometimes i write just 'cause it's in my head and i want to get it down somewhere. so i guess it's a diary and a web log, depending on the mood i am in at the time.

5. If you could live in any foreign city where would you live?
malaga, or barcelona. maybe dublin but it rains lots.