jeudi, juillet 22

oops i forgot

it has occurred to me that i only answered part of ms opinionated's question. what she asked was: who would i be and *why*?

i picked zelda fitzgerald, after meeting scott but before going crackers. why zelda, you ask?

i'm really attracted to the characters who make up 'scenes' or 'movements'. i like social history - i love reading about the jazz age; the fin de siecle; greenwich village in the 20s. i love reading about the lives of the beats - the way that they incorporate their lives into their writing and their writing into their lives is so, so, wonderfully magical to me. i can't even describe it. i almost like the tales of the city, if you will, more than i enjoy the fiction or poetry generated at the time. they go hand in hand for me, for sure.

(as an aside, one of my favourites is memoirs of montparnasse by john glassco. it's actually fiction - he passed it off as a biography, but it later came out that he'd made most of it up. one of the greatest hoaxes in canadian literary history. also, it really neatly illuminates my theory surrounding the blending of fact and fiction. but i digress)

scott and zelda were the wild couple.. they were fun and talented. but they drank too much. and zelda went a little nutty. but until then she epitomized all that was cool about the jazz age... i think anyhoo.