dimanche, août 1

all of a sudden i'm 20 again

ministry with my life with the thrill kill cult are playing the commodore at the end of september. how cool is that? who wants to go with me? i'm having a 'thinking of the one who got away' moment - this was the kind of stuff we used to do together. yes i know - raspberry romance. one of those soft and squishy couple things for sure.

i have just now noticed that quentin tarantino is in 'desperado'. i guess all this time i have been distracted by antonio banderas. that, or i have selective memory.

i stole this fun new toy from ms. swizz. i like the goth one - i'm not feeling particularly black, but i do enjoy the hairdo.

ok, this was a dull post. i'm off to bed with antonio. g'nite kids...