jeudi, août 5

tales from the lightbulb factory

my boss is an interesting character. at times, she seems lovely and caring. at others, she's a psychotic nutball who systematically destroys the psyche of the people working for her.
  • case in point: today, much to the bafflement of myself and the person i was talking with, i was thrown out of a meeting room because my boss had inadvertantly booked a meeting in it over top of the one that i had scheduled. hers was apparently more important.
  • case in point: the other day, i received a very angry email instructing me to do something that is not my job and has nothing to do with any part of my job. it's someone elses' - someone in an entirely different department.
  • case in point: well, there's the whole sending me a job ad thing...

i could go on and on, describing a litany of oddness and inappropriate behaviour, but why bother? i do, however, notice that she is slowly but surely alienating herself from many other people in many other departments... and i have to be quietly delighted. i'm interested in seeing where it will go....