lundi, août 2

this just in:

i was reading sarah b just now, and discovered she has a guest blogger. this guest blogger is my new crush (sorry joaquin. ok i still love you. i'm just really turned on by this man. you should take me now)

he has three rants at the end of his post, and i shall (having appropriately referenced the source)quote rant #2:

"Anyone who uses the phrase "beauty is a construct." Oh, I see, so when I'm walking down the street and I'm literally stunned by the sight of the unbelievably gorgeous woman passing by, it's actually the patriarchy talking. You're an idiot. I can't believe you actually respected the equally stupid graduate assistant who taught your Women in Feminist Theatre class sophomore year. Were you one of those people that actually turned gay for awhile so it would give you more credibility in class arguments? That phrase doesn't even make sense. Is gravity a construct, you fucking retard?"

hee hee (again, if i were the kind of person who giggled, i'd be doing that sort of thing now).