vendredi, juillet 21

dirty dancefloors and dreams of naughtiness

i officially have a crush on j-mo. i can't help it. you know how i'm a sucker for the dirty boys... and one who can actually write?


i'm a goner, let's not kid. now i just have to convince him to come to vancouver and play with me tour the city. you know, see the sights, hang at the cambie and watch ciavarro reel in the manatees, stuff like that. good times.

so i got picked up at 6.45 tuesday morning (half an hour late, but hell it's vacation. cheeeelll wihnstahn...) i was with one person from that point almost continuously until nearly elevenpm last night. i thought i was doing well not not kill him *or* myself, cause, you see, there was no sex. nope, none. as i indicated earlier, this person was just... not my type. i need the chemical flashbang of attraction - physical *and* intellectual. from the neck down he was kinda hot... he just wasn't to my taste from the neck up. combined with the absence of intellectual attraction and it all adds up to pyjamas and a solo sleeping bag, no matter how much beer / wine / baileys i had for the evening.

it was a damn good thing i went to visit punkrockboy on the first day of my vay-kay, 'cause sucker was *dry*. the most action i got was the cute waitress at the italian place who was hardcore flirting with me as soon as ... shit i need a name... joe niceguy left the table for any possible reason. so anyway, it was a near miss with the no murder thing, 'cause at least if you are hot for someone physically, you can jump them every time they open their mouth. (see, i'm a FUN vacation buddy). when you *aren't* sleeping with them, you have to make polite conversation.

i'm being catty. he is a genuinely *nice* guy. and he did step up to go on a holiday with someone he's never met before - that takes some balls and i respect that. we just didn't connect. however, if you are in the market for a nice guy who will go out of his way to make sure you are completely comfortable and enjoying yourself (like to the point of running 1.5KM in each direction to bring the last two beer down to the beach yesterday for a final toast) let me know and i will send him your way with a great recommendation.

i'm slowly putting photos up on the buzznet...take a looky-loo if you so desire.. it really is a beautiful chunk of the world. tell you what, j-mo - if you come here before it gets cold i'll take you *there*. deal?