dimanche, juillet 30

welcome to planet sexor

uhhhh my brain is still kinda like cabbage...
and with that insightful introduction i bring you.... raspberry sundae. shit.
and here you were hoping for my usual wit and wonder.... surprise!

ok weekend update - friday was a madcap rusharound packing of the upstairs office and moving everything downstairs. i had a mild hissy fit as certain people chose to sit around chatting instead of helping with the shitty file moving but whatever - these things shouldn't surprise me anymore, now should they? mm let's see.. drove the bosslady home, hit the banque, picked up sushi for the kiddo, tried on every piece of clothing in my closet, got back in the car and rush rush rushed to the architect's house. pass a roaring wildfire on granville street (american hippies infiltrating the city, burning raping and pillaging as they sack vancouver), fly up macdonald, park right out front, in the front door breathe.....

out the door in his car stop for beer drive aimlessly till we find the house of the boyfriend of his friend 'she's a little aggressive. if she pisses you off tell her to fuck off or tell me and i will' 'i think i'll be ok' she's lovely we held hands and danced but wait wait screeeech to a halt i went to jr high with her boyfriend and how weird is THAT. second house people drinking cake to be eaten ms u shows up dressed to kill. i drop a pill we swap shoes she can't do heels and dance all night hit the club. mstrkrft.

more drinks more drugs kissing in the dark feels so good show winds up hit the gorg dancing till dawn driving home via new west crawling into my bed pull the shades dog snoring on the floor lie there and twitch don't really sleep wake up kissing drink coffee drive to his house haven't eaten in 24 hours brain dead.

kissing fucking biting licking fall asleep under the fan no blankets wake up walk in the sun buy groceries get lost in the wine store bbq with candles on the sundeck pull out the hideabed movie in the dark crawl into bed mmm holding him in my mouth fall asleep wrapped up in his arms my head his chest.

8am alarm wait don't go morning is my favourite. he leaves i shower back in the car wander the drive brunch back to his place lie on the floor don't really watch the movie climb on top 'you really aren't fucking around this time are you?' 'actually that's exactly what i'm doing' fall asleep again naked bodies stuck together wake up eat ice cream kiss walks me to my car 'i had a really fun weekend, thank you' he says kisses me more slaps my ass drive home.