vendredi, juillet 21

there are roads left in both of our shoes

ok so i'm back and alive, but my liver hurts and i'm sort of the colour of a christmas pointsetta - red on the outside with some white bits in the middle. i'll have some beach pictures later, but i didn't get home till almost 11 last night and was covered in sand and ocean from wave jumping and lying on a (mostly deserted, by the way) beach in the sunshine.

did i mention that my liver hurts?

so i noticed this week that i have little patience for people who are a little thick - like people who sometimes just don't get it, you know? i spent two point five days with one of those people and by the end of that time period i was rubbing my wrists vertical wise against the edge of the car door hoping to surreptiously open a vein.

which isn't to say he wasn't a nice person - au contraire. he was very nice.

just very ... thick.

s'all good - home now, sunburned, cocktails in my future (oh *this* is what coffee tastes like without baileys. i had forgotten...), gonna hang with the kiddo and try and stay out of the sun for a little while.... ok maybe not the sun thing. let's not kid - i'm a sunchild leo cat who stretches in the heat with a sigh of contentment, letting the rays ripple off her body. it's all good. i just need to reapply sunscreen reapply after seawater exfoliation....

missed you xo

ps thanks j-mo for the fun post...