mardi, juillet 25

a rose on my birthday deathbed

day two of going commando under a skirt at work and i gotta say when it's thirty degrees outside and you come in from lunch, turn on the fan under your desk and oh-so-subtly spread your knees.... it's kinda orgasmic.

the general psychological malaise and crankiness i was feeling before my vacation has more or less returned. i'm not sure what to do about it. frontal lobotomy, perhaps?

another thing - does anyone remember the tv show 'boston commons'? i had a dream that i was getting married to anthony clark (or boyd, for former fans like myself) in mexico, and that he wanted to have the ceremony on the beach. i was strongly against this because i was unsure of how easy it would be for the photographer to photoshop all of the naked boobies out of the wedding pictures. this was of particular concern to me because my grandmother had made the trip down for the festivities, and she'd been sunbathing topless since her arrival.

you know.. 'cause that might happen.