jeudi, juillet 27

he doesn't look a thing like jesus but he talks like a gentleman

i love it when perfectly normal looking people turn out to be freaky - when they tell you that they like to be bitten too, in fact it gets them really hard; when you grab a big handful of their ass fingernails and all and they gasp and shudder with pleasure.

i kinda didn't expect last night to go the way it did.. was supposed to be dinner and dessert and wine and fireworks on the roof, in more-or-less that order. instead it went dinner, wine, fireworks, fireworks, dessert, fireworks.

of course two of those batches of fireworks were of the non-pyrotechnic variety, if you get my drift. no less incendiary, just not particularly for public consumption.

well, of course, with the exception of the poor person who opened the door to the rooftop deck without making noise sufficient enough to warn anyone that it was going to happen.


the nerve.

in other news... i'm about to have my house to myself for like the first time in four years... the kiddo is off to k-town and the folks won't be upstairs 'cause they are going to see my brother. it's kind of a weird prospect. i feel as though i should be throwing a kegger or something. alas.. i don't like most of the highschool kids in ladner so i'll pass this time. instead i'll probably just have the architect over on saturday night to get drunk on the beach in tssawwassen.

the kiddo is actually leaving next week to spend the bulk of august with his dad, so i'll be childless for like three weeks or something. i always feel really weird when he's not around - sort of lost. it's funny 'cause we can go for a few days without seeing each other fairly regularly, but it's different when i can't peek in on my way to work in the morning and see him and the dog stretched out on the bed, or when i don't see the evidence of midnight munchie runs or or or..

well, you know what i mean.