mardi, juillet 25

it's like a little prayer

i was wasting time at work this afternoon when my (real life) little brother told me of a near miss he'd had this morning..

[13:52] raspberry's brother: oh, hey, i almost got run over by a nun today
[13:53] raspberry: WAT?
[13:53] raspberry's brother: i was walking across the street, in the crosswalk... the nun was in a car that was stopped, and so I crossed, and then she started going
[13:53] raspberry's brother: so i had to step back to avoid the rapture
[13:53] raspberry: LOL
[13:53] raspberry: she's recruiting
[13:53] raspberry's brother: she did not see me until she was right beside me
[13:53] raspberry's brother: i guess!
[13:53] raspberry: why should the jehovahs witnesses get all the fun?
[13:54] raspberry's brother: well, if they had told me that we were allowed to run people over, i might have not stopped going to mass
[13:54] raspberry: no shit, huh?
[13:54] raspberry: like you get points for how many people you take out?
[13:54] raspberry: i wonder if there are more points for sinners or less
[13:54] raspberry: like is it a sliding scale?
[13:54] raspberry's brother: must be! maybe that's what the points for driver's licenses are for
[13:55] raspberry's brother: well i would think we'd get extra points for taking out Protestants
[13:55] raspberry: well tithing is 10% of your income...
[13:55] raspberry: yeah you'd think
[13:55] raspberry: or those darned mormons
[13:55] raspberry's brother: and the gentle ba'hai!
[13:55] raspberry: omg the kaballlah
[13:56] raspberry: madonna i'm comin for you
[13:56] raspberry: can you imagine?
[13:56] raspberry: i'd be bumpin jesus from the right hand throne for SURE

oh wow i'm going to hell....