samedi, septembre 3

more on n'awlins

the bbc on kanye

and the always thought provoking mblog for more links etc, if you are interested. matt good also links to a variety of charities, and/or additional sources of information on government reaction to this tragedy, as well as some of the potential root causes (including diverted funding, institutionalized racism, and plain ol' apathy).


an update on tnb: i did actually talk to him the other night. i asked him flat out if he was sleeping with other people. i told him that i saw a picture of another girl by his bed and it made me wonder - i wasn't being nosy, i just couldn't help but see. i told him that it's really none of my business if he does - i have no real claim over him and would never dream of forcing him to behave in a way which contradicts how he wants to live his life. i told him that all i've ever asked from him was honesty - i just need the information so that i can decide how i want to continue.

he said he's not sleeping with anyone but me. he told me i had nothing to worry about . he asked me if i was sleeping with other people. i told him no. we've been seeing each other for seven months and that is the first time we've had that conversation.

a friend asked if i believe him. i do, actually. tnb's way of being dishonest is through evasion, not outright deception. he's like me. if you ask him something point blank he'll always tell you the truth - he just won't tell you until you ask. and what's more - i actually trust him. not a common thing, for me. whether or not trusting him is a good thing remains to be seen, i guess.


we went to see pearl jam last night - in fact, we ended up with an extra ticket so at the last minute we called my sister, hauled her away from her dinner and got her in. our seats were not good, but the sound was more than decent. for some reason, they don't use video screens so that if you are in the back you can't really see but man oh man eddie sounds exactly the way he does on your cd, dude.

i think, though, if i'm to be honest, that of all the shows i've seen this year, pj was my least fave. the band seemed to have little energy, and it just didn't grip me emotionally like some of the others have. still - great music. i sang along like a crazy person (as usual).