mercredi, septembre 28

ok here goes

somebody's gotta say it, so it may as well be me.

the guys from motley crue, from oasis, from (yes even from) the foo fighters, from velvet revolver, from u2, and most especially mostest especially from pearl jam need to sit down at a table with little wire bound looseleaf notebooks and pencils and maybe a couple of colours of highlighter for emphasizing the important bits and take some classes from those upstart former punk currently (maybe always) pop hooligans that are green day. they need to be reminded of what it means to put on an arena show. they need to be reminded of what it is to entertain in this kind of large venue. they need to listen to billie joe when he talks to them about striking a pose and singing to the rafters and pulling kids up on stage to shoot squirt guns and play the drums and run across to stage dive into the crowd. they need to remember that the show is to thank your fans for buying your cd's downloading your tracks for ninety9 cents for watching your videos and buying your dvds and when you get on the stage it's not about ego or about pissing and moaning 'cause you're really a *small* venue band, folks and you just can't communicate in these echo-y ampitheatres. so stay fucking home and count your bills, dude, don't charge me $79 and then not even bring what you've got. i haven't got that kind of money and if i wanted you to just reproduce your last cd i would have burned it off the 'net and stayed home in my jammies. that's what i think.

i woke up in a monthly cranky, kids, and it took me most of a day and a giant's share of ritter dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts to shake it. actually, it's still kind of there so i'm drinking wine and eating more chocolate and trying to convince myself that calories consumed while pms'ing don't stick around to be fatmakers 'cause they're too afraid of my surly mood. fortunately, today i received a bag full of cookies from pat the postman so i can eat them all and not worry about letting myself go.

hey, it's german'sbday so go say merry happy.