jeudi, septembre 15

o be joyful

'cause that shit spreads...

tnb is back in town - he called while i was on The Quest for Jeans - Day Six. i immediately abandoned the quest for jeans, and went on a quest for slutty undies. in green, of all colours, 'cause that's what he asked for. it's hard to find green slutty undies. but, perservere i did, and conquer the mall, i did. i even bought a bra without the slight padding at the front. see, i have big nipples. not the roundabout part, but the nipple themselves, are rather large. so when it's, shall we say, chilly, you can tell i'm not so warm. and i'm rarely warm, kids, let's be honest, here.

but tnb enjoys the nipple display, so i purchased a bra that is just mesh at the front. just for him. ain't i sweet?

ah, shit. who'm i kidding? i'm so horny that, at this point, he could tell me that full length calico flannel nightgowns and caps (a la little house on the prairie) make him hot and i'd be hauling out the sewing machine. just call me laura fucking ingalls.