dimanche, septembre 11

wake up call

this morning my phone rang at 4.40am. it always panics me 'cause of the kiddo and how he used to sneak out of the house all the time and
i never knew where he was or what he was doing and i was always so afraid that one night i'd get a call and he'd be not ok, by any stretch of the imagination.

he doens't really do that anymore (she says knocking wood like a madwoman) - he seems to be growing more respectful of my need to know that he's safe as he gets a little older.

but this morning the phone rang at 4.40 and it was tnb. he's working out of town for a couple of weeks and so i haven't seen him since last monday and so i'm feeling like i really need a little sumpinsumpin knowwhatimean and i called him last night when i was all drunk on painkillers and vodka-sodas and left him a dirt-ay voicemail reminding him of the last time i saw him and what i was doing with my mouth and my hands and how much fun it was.

so the phone rang at 4.40 this morning and he was drunker than me and he didn't want to talk dirty he just wanted to say how much he missed me, and tell me how he wished i was there so he could wrap me up in his arms. i kind of still wanted to talk dirty but the sweet stuff was good too so i let him go with it. he said that he could maybe quit working and come home today instead of next week but then what would he do? i said find a new job and he said yeah but it would probably be somewhere else which would be bad. yes it would i replied and he said i'd really miss you if i moved and that's really weird for me to say. i told him that it's ok to like me - i'm a nice person.

but we didn't do any dirty talking so i still feel really fucking horny and goddamn i don't know how i'm gonna make it a whole two weeks. maybe tonight he'll do a little phone putting out cause i'm just not doing it for myself right now.


i still have this fucking headache - mikeb dropped me on my head last week before pearl jam and i got a mild concussion and have had a headache ever since. me and t3 have been best buds i'm telling you. i don't remember much of the concert, truth be told, but what i do remember was pretty boring. we went to see oasis and kasabian on thursday and they were a thousand times more dynamic. i think it's time for PJ to just hang up the mic and stay in the studio - they clearly weren't interested in what they were doing. from what i remember anyway.

kasabian, on the other hand, was great fun - super happy mondays style manchester britpop madness - MADchester - and i loved loved loved them. oasis, too, was great fun and i sang along and tried to call tnb when they played 'lyla' cause that's kind of our song a little bit.

check the sidebar, though, kids cause the two best shows are coming up back to back nights what a wild ride that'll be - the killers and the constantines - i'm going to buy a whole stack of tix for the constantines next week so if you want to come with then let me know. that's dallas (hi baby call me) my love my heart (soon we'll be reunited) there on the right.

i also added a couple of new links - up top in places there's a hit to a northern perspective writing site, and under other people's lives i've added some canadian blogs of note. take a looky-loo....

german checked in from londontown, nk is back from his world travels and didn't call me while he was here (stinker), and tony pierce reprinted michael moore's 9.11 letter to gdub.

k i'm out - it's sunny out and my bikini is a callin'