mercredi, septembre 7

random confession #612

that commercial with the grandma - you know, the one where she's sitting at the table all dressed up all by herself, the one that says tell your grandma you missed dinner with her 'cause you were stoned? you know that one?

it always makes me cry a little.


so what's next with monte? nothing, dude - well, nothing more than there ever is. he's gone back home to go to school, where he'll end up dating a girl who's about 12 years younger than he is and does lots of drugs. she'll fuck him around and make him super insecure, he'll screw around and do tonnes of coke and mess up his grades and pull himself back (barely) in time to maybe make some c's. i'll proof his papers for him and tell him that his ideas are great but he needs focus and better grammar and he needs to do some more research. in my head i'll give him a grade before i proof 'em for him, then i'll do the work and he'll hand it in and he'll pull a mark a lettergrade higher than the pre-edited version. he'll break up with the gf and he'll come see me or talk to me a bunch and i'll tell him all the good stuff i always tell him. i'll take him to do stuff he never gets to do 'cause he hangs with girls who only want to party and do drugs and party some more. he'll look at me speculatively 'cause he knows that i'm really what he's looking for, then he'll go home and do it all again.

that's just the way shit is with m & me.