dimanche, septembre 18

sundae night

i've been having a bad food weekend, so i've adopted my emergency 'stop eating and drink lots' strategies to avoid excessive vomitting. mind you, after the second bottle of wine last night, i thought to myself "i bet tomorrow morning i'm going to wish i'd eaten dinner". and guess who was right? that's right - it was the girl with the headache. i haven't had one of these in a while - you know the kind where all i can keep down is turkey, white rice and toast. i guess i was due. tnb ran out yesterday morning to buy me soy milk so i could have cereal when i got up - i felt really bad but i couldn't eat it 'cause i would have tossed for sure. of course, i didn't explain this to him. my allergies confuse/upset him. i just ate toast. mmmmtoastmmmmm.

i guess it's a result of the crappy week at work... but we won't talk about that now.

meh - i got nuttin. i took a bubble bath and drank a mug of sleepytime tea, so i'm practically comatose. i'll try and be more entertaining tomorrow, i promise....