dimanche, octobre 30

fall back day

they're talking about changing our time. they're talking about doing away with fall back. they're talking about eliminating daylight savings, to be more like the freakin' americans. it'll be too confusing, they say. we don't really need it anymore - electricity and all that. outdated ideas. i say, fuck that shit. it's magic, that hour, when you roll your clock from two to one and give yourself sixty minutes that didn't exist before. everybody always says "i wish there were more hours in the day - i wish i had just one more hour". here's your hour. here's your wish come true. savour it - getting your wishes doesn't happen very often (ever).

but only tony pierce could turn it into the world's smoothest dance move.

last night we got dressed up and went out to see some bands at a dirty dirty club downtown. why do people use hallowe'en as an excuse to get so loaded that they puke all over tables at clubs before midnight BEFORE midnight? is it the mask? is it the costume that gives you the superhero sense that you are not accountable for anything you do? it's like the anonymity of mob mentality wrapped up in a single serve package - you have all sorts of idiots acting like individual idiots rather than one big idiot. give me the mob, i say. at least you can see a mob from down the street, all torches and pitchforks looking for a monster to stake, maybe cross over and safely stay out of the way. individual idiots are harder to spot.

and then they mate - grind each other on the dance floor, eyes heavy lidded barely concious his leg between hers rubbing against the seam of her jeans. (you know that doesn't feel very good, guys, why do you always do it?). they go home and fumble about with the condom and maybe don't put it on right and hopefully she's on the pill or else you don't just have two idiots all of a sudden you've got three, and maybe a scorching case of herpes.

happy hallowe'en baby. it's the gift that keeps on giving.

a guy dressed like a mexican cowboy walked past and raised his arm in a salute. i smiled. he walked back the other way - made eye contact and did it again. so i responded in kind, prompting him to come over and ask us to scratch his moustache.

now there's the best line i've heard all week.

i was giggling too hard to be of any use but the sister obliged. he chatted with us briefly about the perils of stick on facial hair and the scent of the evening, then thanked us graciously and took his leave, saying as he went "you two are both very pretty." he was the nicest person in vancouver, last night, and i hope that his evening brought him whatever happiness he sought.