lundi, octobre 10

happy turkey day

dinner was for eleven. i cooked it all - even made the desserts (three countem) by myself. casualties - my waistline and a crystal glass which belongs to my mama. i will probably be dead this time tomorrow, so this may be the last time we chat.

tnb stayed over last night. i asked him if he remembered talking to me friday night. he said 'why, what did i say?'. so i told him. to which he responded with, alternately, disbelief and something closely bordering panic. he said 'you can't take anything i say when i'm passing out too seriously". i said ouch. then i laged at hsi ass for being such a geek.

law & order svu is on. the cops are walking through a "rave". they are all old and dressed very outlandishly, and they are at least a head taller than all of the "ravers".

i feel disoriented and or sort of uneasy. i'm not sure why, but my thoughts and emotions are all over the place. it's seven forty5. i think i'm going to wash, drink some sleepy time tea and go to bed. maybe it'll dull my thoughts or something.


aha! my computer keeps crashing so i've been saving as draft - i've lost like four entries this week 'cause it crashes whilst i'm mid-thought. no sooner had i saved as the damb thing rebooted itself.


another wierdness - my sis just called. she has the same sense of unease and uncertainty today that i do. must be the weather.... k i'm gonna go to bed and watch bad network television. g'nite kids. i hope your bellies are full and that you've rememberd to give thanks for all your friends old and new. xoxo