dimanche, octobre 23

my too sense

ok so i've not weighed in on this whole james bond thing, as i didn't really have an opinion before. now, having seen layer cake, all i can say is bring on daniel craig. you just know that the bond producers saw that flick and immediately forgot about ewan, jude and hugh. they just don't have that... edge. that dark sexiness. i think d.craig does. but that's just imho.

dude i just saw an ad for an at home difibulator - that's the wrong spelling but i mean those things that they use on er when someone's croaking. makes for good television, but do we really want mom and pop american shocking the heck out of uncle joe after he's had too much bourbon?

ok so this is not even seven minutes with sundae, but i've got insomnia and i have a seriously limited attention span right now. plus i have a cake in the oven. as opposed to a bun. no buns here.

i'll try and weigh in tomorrow morning with a weekend recap and some deep and heartfelt expressions of the love that i feel for the world and for the little bottle of sleeping pills here on the desk beside me.... xoxoxo