lundi, octobre 17

good morning!

this is always my favourite time of the day - just before seven am. the coffee is brewing in the kitchen area; the lights are still all off; i'm the only person in the office. i sit, check my email, listen to any voicemail, read blogs and eat cereal. it's a nice way to just *ease* yourself into the day.

i expect to be deathly ill, imminently. i've been soaked to the skin by freezing cold rain twice this weekend, and have had little sleep. i did, however, consume such delicacies as alligator and pistachio encrusted catfish this weekend, which may have enough prophylactic properties to ward off ebola and/or bird flu.

plus/minus girlfriend stats:

friday night:
plus: i crawled into bed with tnb instead of staying out later and sleeping with a band member
minus: i crawled into bed with tnb at 2.30 am when he had to get up for work at 7, and was freezing cold so fully woke him up.

sunday morning:
plus: i brought bake yourself chocolate croissants to have with breakfast, and baked them up to share with tnb and his roommate
minus: i made tnb go out in the rain to tenbucks to get me an americano to drink with the fresh croissants