samedi, octobre 15

my point exactly

last night i went to see the constantines at richards. i kept talking them up. i kept saying to people, all through this concert going orgy of a summer, yaya these guys are ok but wait till we go see THE CONSTANTINES. people looked at me like i was nutso 'cause we were going to pearl jam and oasis and the killers and green day and u2 and and i kept saying yes but the CONSTANTINES.

ok so i did download the new constantines cd a couple of months ago. like a couple of months before it was released. i couldn't wait, yo. i felt bad when i did it, but shit, what's a girl to do when she's aching for a fix and someone says to her "ya so on the indie torrent site they have advance issue 'tournament of hearts' for your pirating joy". last night on stage they made a little 'please listen to our album it's available for download on the internet' comment. but dude i bought six tickets SIX TICKETS and we bought two tshirts and so that's worth the fifteen dollars i would have spent on the cd 'cause at least two of the people i brought with me will go buy the disk today or this weekend or this week or something and there i feel better about it a little.

and last night we went to see them and it was my second time in a little club (the first being the night lil bro took me to see them with the weaker thans when the weaker thans were weaker than and i hearted the cons from the moment they took the stage). they fucking kicked the club's ass across town and back and played their hearts out and i hearted them even more. like i can't BELIEVE how good they are when they're live and when they're on the disk and when you sit down and drink beer with them after 'cause somehow i started talking to will and then to dallas (who i secretly love and wrote an ode to) and then we ended up going to the after party and drinking drinking drinking and sitting and talking to the keyboard player from the hold steady who was oh so very new yahwk.

but seriously - all i can say is go to the website. check the tour dates. if they come to your town fucking go 'cause they are what live music is supposed to be - rough and hard and melodic and wonderful and they're seriously the best. it'll be the best fifteen dollars you spend, even if you do pay for the cd.