mardi, octobre 18


"I imagine bugs and girls have a dim perception that nature played a crual trick on them, but they lack the intelligence to really comprehend the magnitude of it."

a quote from calvin & hobbes that someone told me today. it is relevant. trust me.

so i'm trying to give the kiddo girl advice, and wishing i was a man. you know, of the gender persuasion which simply listens to their cohort bitch about the opposite sex, grunts appreciatively (but not unsympathetically), and cracks beers till one or the other (or even, bless them, both) of the parties (preferably he who has been shat upon by the creature of *my* gender persuasion) passes out.

but i'm not, so i try and offer pithy bits of advice in true female (and, dare i say mom-like fashion. ineffectually, i might add. harumph.