vendredi, octobre 7

i know, i know

i've been a poor hostess. i'm like the girl who invites people over to her place, then gets a call about a hot dj at a club downtown and takes off without telling anyone, after she hides the key to the martini cabinet.

but i'm back now, clad in fishnets and a frilly apron, dispensing cheez whiz celery sticks, mini gherkins and pimento-olives.

guess who's going to see the arcade fire with mike b?! me, that's who! how excited am i? arcade fire tonight, the killers thursday, constantines friday.... the world rocks. not to mention that oh-oh-ohlund scored the first goal in wednesday's game.... *fans self*.

i had a long chat with german today. he had to take his site down 'cause he was threatened with some kind of legal action for mentioning a place he used to work. i'm not sure if his former employers have any grounds for doing this, but it's unfortunate nonetheless. i'll miss him - he was one of my daily stops for sure.

i have to make a shopping list and hit the grocery store. i am cooking dinner for seven (maybe more?) people on sunday night, and my cupboard is bare. i am, however, procrastinating 'cause all i want to do is sit here in my jammies and blog blog bloggity blog about how tnb came home two days early and how we spent an hour and a half in the shower wednesday night (i HeArT apartment building hot water tanks) in the steam and the candlelight, and how when we got out my legs were shaking so bad that i sat down and watched them bounce and laughed laughed laughed. then he looked at me and said "we aren't done yet. get your ass over here" and i forgot about my legs.

but i can't think about that now 'cause i need to go shopping. and i do actually really like shopping, i'm just being a grump-a-saurus.