mercredi, octobre 26


ok ciavarro has the best reaction to condy's visit that i've ever seen. you know he's sayin' stuff that pierre pettigrew and paul martin are thinking, or mumbling to each other over a shared urinal cake and one of those little mats with gdub's visage screenprinted onto it. you know it's true.

tnb is sick - i spoke with him briefly at ten-ish yesterday morning and he could barely formulate a thought, never mind a coherent sentence. i haven't heard from him since, and he wasn't picking up his phone last night. i hope this means that he's recuperating in a dark room with a good book and a mug of tea and a fluffy quilt, not that he's doing the 'avoid raspberry for a week before breaking up with her again' thing. i also hope that he didn't manage to pass on his disease during our exchange of bodily fluids this past weekend. i hate being sick. i do have like 9 sick days left for the year, though, so maybe now would be a good time for a viral vacation.

work is kind of slow this past couple of weeks - it always scares me when i don't have enough to do. i'm not one of those people who takes the slow times as sweet reward for working your ass off during the busy times. i just look for little projects to keep myself busy and so end up tangled up in data mining and other fun afternoon delights. idle hands and all. i wish i could just kick back and play highhat but i always feel guilty. it's not like when i was writing my thesis and could justify hours spent in front of the magical sparkly goodness which is bejeweled. damn ethics.