mercredi, février 1

i kill myself 'cause i'm so frustrated

so clearly the battery was *not* the issue with my car. must be the alternator. stink. this means that i am unsure of how i'm going to get myself and my vehicle home.

ahhh i'm not sure what i want to talk about today, but i know it's not my car. it's wednesday and they're the longest days of the week. haven't heard from tcb in a couple of days. my boss is back today so it will be really busy and i'm still tired and achy and wish i could sleep for a year.

i did, however, get to see the hot guy on supernatural makin' out last night which was a-ok in my book. rawr. plus, when i got home, i poked my head in the kiddo's room, said 'i got you a six-pack', then laughed at the change in his expression when i threw six pairs of new sox at him. seriously - it's the little things like that which make parenthood all worthwhile.